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Woodruff Companies

Woodruff Construction, LLC, began in 1956 when Leonard Woodruff and Jack Evans founded Woodruff Construction. Woodruff is an award-winning general contractor offering design-build, construction management, and project development service to clients across Iowa. Sixty one years later Woodruff Construction, LLC continues to work hard to achieve each client's vision while also providing an enjoyable building experience. Woodruff is located in Fort Dodge, Ames, Iowa City, and Waterloo.

Don Woodruff, president of Woodruff Construction, desired to establish a fund with Fort Dodge Community Foundation that would allow them to make contributions to organizations to support those in need. Having the funds available with the Community Foundation allows Woodruff to support different organizations directly when the need arises. The Woodruff Fund recently supported AFES (Athletes for Educational Success). AFES’s mission is to restore hope to minority and low-income youth and families by providing safe and affordable recreational and extra-curricular activities while focusing on the importance of character, education and living a positive lifestyle. The Woodruff Fund’s donation helps to support the many after school, extra-curricular and athletic activities AFES provides.

Woodruff is involved in various other charities in the Fort Dodge area. They have donated & participated in fundraising events for the United Way of Greater Fort Dodge, Fort Dodge Community Foundation, Fort Dodge Community & Family Resources, Fort Dodge Cares INC, Fort Dodge Public & Private Schools, Boy Scouts, Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, the Marion Home, and many others.

Woodruff Construction takes pride in the responsibility to give back to the community as a business and has a genuine appreciation for the ability to help those of the Fort Dodge Community.

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