John and Margo Daniel Scholarship Fund

Margo and John Daniel, owners of Daniel Pharmacy, have established a fund with the Fort Dodge Community Foundation. John was born, raised and educated in Fort Dodge, attended the University of Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa School of Pharmacy. Margo was born and raised in Lebanon—across the world and in a completely different culture. She came to Oklahoma to help take care of her brothers in 1971. John Daniel’s grandmother, who was from Fort Dodge, happened to be visiting Oklahoma at the same time. There were quite a few Lebanese people in Oklahoma at that time. John’s grandmother asked Margo’s brother to drive her back to Fort Dodge, which he did. Margo accompanied him on the trip, and met John Daniel when they arrived in Fort Dodge. John was well established in his career at Daniel Pharmacy at that time.

Margo liked Fort Dodge. In fact, it reminded her of the small town she was from in Lebanon. She and John were married, and have raised a son and a daughter who currently live in Fort Dodge. Margo and John both work at Daniel Pharmacy with their son John, who is also a pharmacist. Their daughter Mary Kay owns Mary Kay’s Gifts, located next door to the pharmacy. John and his wife have a young daughter, both of whom are often seen at the pharmacy.

Having a locally-owned, family pharmacy, is quite unique in this day and age. The Daniels provide exceptional, professional service to all their customers and know most on a first name basis. The Daniel Family is a well-known, established name in the community. They are strong community supporters, generous to those in need, and serve as excellent role models to the many pharmacy students who do rotations and internships in Daniel Pharmacy.

Margo and John Daniel established a scholarship fund to promote pharmacy as a career, as well as to support students in the community with financial assistance when they pursue pharmacy as their career. The fund is administered by the Community Foundation, which makes it simple and uncomplicated for the Daniels to provide these scholarships. Many of their scholarship recipients and their families have become close friends with the Margo and John. The Daniels appreciate the enrichment these friendships bring to their lives.

John said that he and Margo don’t live “flashy” lives; they work hard, deeply appreciate their family, their community and all the friendships they’ve developed over the years. They understand the critical importance education plays and the doors it opens, and want to do their part to enable others to have the opportunities they’ve been blessed with.

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