Jim and Nola Humes Family Fund

Jim and Nola Humes
Nola and Jim Humes
How did the Fort Dodge Community Foundation begin?

The Fort Dodge Community Foundation was established because of an experience a Fort Dodge family had.

A few decades ago, local residents Jim and Nola Humes' family experienced a tragedy when their nephew in South Dakota was killed in a car accident. The young man’s family was at a loss as to how to cope with their loss and how to memorialize their family member. 

Jim Humes suggested to the parents that they endow a scholarship in their son’s memory. They did so by establishing a fund with the Sioux Falls Community Foundation. When Jim learned about this organization, he thought to himself that Fort Dodge should also have a Community Foundation. After a number of years elapsed, and with the help of other like-minded community members, the Fort Dodge Community Foundation was established. It has gained momentum as the public realizes what an effective tool this organization is.

The Community Foundation has increased its value tremendously in the past several years. Portions of these funds as well as the income earned are available for community projects or for projects that the donor wants to support.

Fort Dodge residents Jim and Nola Humes have established a fund with the Community Foundation. In the past, they have supported the Lord’s Cupboard (which provides canned goods, paper, personal products, small quantities of meat and dairy products, bread  and potatoes, as well as baby needs) and the Beacon of Hope (a Christ-centered faith-based ministry working cooperatively with the community to eliminate homelessness; it provides a safe and secure emergency shelter to homeless adult men, offering shelter, clothing and food, temporary assistance to create opportunities and programs in working towards self-sufficiency) through their donor-advised fund.

Jim Humes currently serves on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. He believes in the strength and future of Fort Dodge, and wants to ensure its future success by being part of the support network  via the Community Foundation.

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