FDSH Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1958 - First row: Stan Griffith, Betty Osborne Diersen, Eliz Ikenberry Thompson, Donnaloy Chochran Weston. Second row: Dave Jones, Pat Reed.

When the members of the Class of 1958 were planning their 45th class reunion, they began talking about what they had done during their lives, what had helped them along the way, what didn’t help them along the way and how they could make a positive difference in the lives of others who may need a little “boost” to help them along the path of life. They were in their early 60s, and felt they’d been fortunate in life and wanted to recognize their good fortune by creating a legacy scholarship for their class.

Pat Reed, a State Farm insurance agent who was born, raised and educated in Fort Dodge and some of his classmates who were planning the 45th reunion, decided to see if the Class of 1958 had any interest in establishing a scholarship fund. During the 45th class reunion, Pat and the planning committee presented the idea of establishing a scholarship fund for a Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund. The response was very heartening. Hundreds, and then thousands, of dollars started coming in from classmates all around the United States. Donations from $10 to $5,000 have been received and numerous scholarship recipients have been selected and have benefitted from the fund.

Some students have successfully attended Iowa Central Community College, while others have attended Iowa State University.

The first recipient was the daughter of a single mother who was raising her children on her own. The daughter successfully completed school and returned to the Class of 1958’s 50th class reunion to thank the class for her scholarship and to tell her story to the donors. Pat said there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

The Class of 1958’s scholarship isn’t necessarily based completely on financial need - scholarships are given to individuals who show great promise, who demonstrate initiative, curiosity and the ability to work hard - and who may just need a little boost to help them continue on their path to success. What a kind and wonderful way for this Class of 1958 to help encourage and motivate a young person as they begin their journey through life.

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